Skinny Bee Gold is a unique diet supplement formula containing the gold standard in natural herbal supplements, brought to you exclusively by Elite Weight Loss Supplements.

Skinny Bee Gold is truly a unique multivitamin supplement for everyday benefits to your health and weight loss. Formulated for those of you that require an all-day energy increasing supplement.

The natural proprietary energy blend combined with Green Tea will not only provide you energy but will burn more calories. If fitness supplements and bodybuilding is your game and you are trying to get lean muscle, give this a try. The lipolytic B12 blend may be just what you need. Combine it with our Ignite drink mix and blast off the extra fat.

If you have weight loss anxiety, let us help.Worrying about your weight will only increase your cortisol levels causing you to store more abdominal fat. Metabolic Syndrome has plagued people for so long and so many people have been living unhealthy lifestyles needing help. SBG’s unique blend of mood enhancers will assist with your overall well being so you can stop worrying and stop eating from stress.

If your worried about constipation and detox, no worries with SBG. Our light blend of mild detoxing agents will help you pass the fat and sludge your body will need to eliminate from the lipo-lytic fat burning process for full effect. If you need more detox you can always add the Elite Boost detox to this.

If your looking for a pre-workout boost, take Skinny Bee Gold to give you that extra energy to power through the duration of your workout with less fatigue.

Skinny Bee Gold also contains a unique appetite suppressant blend with a key ingredient to control hunger and sugar cravings that can destroy your diet. This will decrease the amount of food you consume throughout the day and prevent snacking. All Elite Weight Loss Supplements contain appetite suppressants in different forms to assist you from hitting a plateau.

Skinny Bee Gold of course also contains Bee Pollen, a pure form of organic protein rich bee pollen powder. Bee Pollen can actually provide energy, decrease allergies and inflammation to the lungs, relieve menopausal symptoms, strengthen your immune system, ease digestion, clear the skin, protect the prostate. We are not making medical claims, but merely providing you with all the research that has been done on Bee Pollen health benefits.

Skinny Bee Gold is not your average weight loss diet tablet or some cheap stock formula weight loss product that the labs dish out to anyone who will buy them. This formula is an exclusive proprietary blend by Elite Weight Loss Supplements.


A unique exclusive diet supplement formula containing the gold standard in natural herbal supplements, brought to you by Elite Weight Loss Supplements.

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