There was a company that was huge called Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen, that was helping so many people. I wanted something that is all natural and has the same benefits. My friend told me about this company, that is family owned and that it is better than Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen, and she was right! Natural Generation Nutrition.

There are all natural ingredients and Why, wouldn’t I want something that is all-natural!?!?! I’m on a big fitness kick and determined to lose some weight while staying healthy.  I am getting ready to lose some extra pounds and even though Summer is almost here, I’m not putting on a layer of Winter fat and then have to work all Spring to get ready for Summer bikini time! I just tried this new product, about a week ago, called NGN Natural Generation Nutrition NGN ZXT2 Bee Pollen and so far I have lost 8 lbs.!! I know it’s crazy and I’m excited to see what will happen in the next few weeks and months. I will keep you guys updated on my progress.

The product is exclusive and you can’t just walk into a GNC and pick up any ‘ol bee pollen, this formula is special made and of course ALL-NATURAL.

Benefits of NGN ZXT2 Bee Pollen..YES!
I will let you know more about the product as I continue to use it and where you can get it. I am so excited I found this product. Since the new ZXT2 formula from NGN Natural Generation Nutrition hit the market, we have received raving reviews at ZXT2 Bee Pollen from our customers who have found increased energy, appetite suppression, and increased fat burn and focus. People that took Slim Trim U have stated that ZXT2 has worked for them as a proper replacement product. Do you retain water? This product will help you shed excess water weight. ZXT2 targets fat cells to destroy them like the original ZXT Bee Pollen, Slim Trim U did! ZXT2 is GMP, USA made.
NGN, Natural Generation Nutrition is proud to offer USA based products, that contain all natural, and effective ingredients. NGN is cutting edge, and uses the best possible ingredients to give you the most effective products for weight loss, while promising all natural ingredients. NGN offers such products as NGN BPX2, NGN Bee Pollen, NG Advanced.

NGN BPX2 NGN Bee Pollen Xtreme 2 is the ultimate Zi Xiu Tang & Bee Pollen replacement. Our weight loss science experts have studied and improved the original blend to deliver greater effects quicker and more efficiently. BPX2 contains the original ZXT face and beauty blend for maximal weight loss.

Recommended for those who formerly used Zi Xiu Tang or Infinity, and even Slim Trim U. 
NGN BPX2 provides an Extreme Energy, Detox & Appetite Suppressant. It is currently the strongest Bee Pollen product offered by NGN.

NGN Bee Pollen is great for those just starting out with NGN products, it provides energy, detox and a strong appetite suppressant.

Overall Benefits:
– Increased Metabolism –
– Fast, Effective, Safe & Natural Over All Weight Loss –
– Lose Lbs & Inches EFFORTLESSLY –
– Burns Fat –
– MEGA Detox –
– Increased Mind Clarity –
– Increased Skin Clarity –